Dear KappAhl friend,

In times like these, we quickly realise that nothing is more important than our health. The coronavirus pandemic affects us all, and we at KappAhl are working around the clock to ensure that you can continue to shop safely with us, while offering our colleagues the best possible working environment. Our aim is for KappAhl to continue to deliver stylish fashion, both now and in the long term.

With this aim in mind, we are working to help stem the spread of the corona infection while running our operations in the best possible way.

We are carefully monitoring all recommendations being issued by the authorities. That goes for simple things like washing our hands more often, as well as how we need to adapt our operations.  Our basic rule of thumb is that all employees who are healthy can work, unless recommended against doing so by local authorities. Those who feel in the slightest bit unwell are staying home.

At our shops and other workplaces, we are adjusting our operations so that we can do our jobs as safely as possible. For example, we have bolstered our hygiene practices, expanded our Shop Online service and reduced our handling of cash.

With this drastic drop-off in trade, we are very grateful to be able to temporarily dismiss, rather than make redundant, a large number of our colleagues. Many dedicated KappAhl-ers will be working much less for a while, and we want to support them in leading an active day-to-day life. We are recommending additional self-training initiatives and other activities such as supporting families and neighbours. Anyone can offer their support to one of the important organisations that are in need of extra resources right now. I.e that could be BRIS or The Hunger Project. Or why not simply clear up some litter while out on a stroll. These are simple yet much-needed activities that make a big difference, even in these times.

COVID-19 has also created very challenging situations for our suppliers and their employees. KappAhl intends to co-operate as much as possible, finding constructive solutions that help everyone. We have not cancelled any orders that are ready, and we have made payments as agreed. We are in close communication with our suppliers, and are even taking part in ILO.s “Call to Action” initiative, through which the textile industry is working together to help the most vulnerable suppliers. 

Here at you can also continue to shop, safely and in style. And why not take this chance to try out our Personal Shopping Online service, where our skilled colleagues will help you to put together a fashion-forward wardrobe. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team by telephone on +46 (0)10 13 88 711 or

There is no simple solution to what comes next, but we at KappAhl are determined to adapt to every situation and do all we can to get through the coronavirus pandemic in the best way. With you, and with each other.

Our best wishes,

Elisabeth Peregi, CEO, and everyone at KappAhl.