Report a concern

At Kappahl, we are committed to conducting the Group’s business in a responsible and transparent way. This is how you can report suspected wrongdoing to us.


It is important to us that we conduct our business in a responsible and transparent way at all stages of the value chain. We endeavour to identify and address, as early as possible, any activities that could result in injury to persons or harm to the environment or our organisation.


What can you report?

You can report any information you have received or suspicions you might have about serious wrongdoing in the Kappahl Group organisation. This includes issues of misconduct, such as bribery, corruption, harassment, discrimination, breach of environmental laws or of our Sustainability Commitment (our code of conduct).


Who can make a report?

Anyone who suspects serious wrongdoing in our organisation may report their concern to us. You can report your concern through this channel if you are an employee in our organisation and a neutral channel feels most appropriate.


How to make a report

You can report any concerns about wrongdoing or risks internally through the channels below. Your report remains anonymous. Choose the link for the channel that is most appropriate (if none is appropriate, choose any one of them):

For Kappahl Group employees (external link)

For customers, general public and authorities (external link)

For our supply chain (external link)


What happens after you have reported your concern

Our whistleblowing channel is managed by an external party under strict confidentiality and you are completely anonymous. If you wish to follow the progress of your report, you may log on anonymously with a password. We investigate all reports promptly and take appropriate action where claims of wrongdoing are substantiated. 



If you have any questions, please contact us at