You can hand in your old wardrobe heroes in all our stores. In this way we make sure that they are reused and become new favorites for someone else. At the same time giving the garments new life and together saving the earth's resources.

 At Kappahl, we want to take care of both your garments and the world around us. We want to create a fashion that you like, but which also becomes part of a sustainable wardrobe. And also give the garments a second chance when it's time. Together with Myrorna, we give more garments a longer lifespan. Care and Rewear!


HOW DOES IT WORK?                       

1. Fill one or more bags and leave in a Kappahl or Newbie store. We accept clothes, shoes, accessories and home textiles, as long as they are intact and clean. If they are very worn, dirty or broken, they can be left at a recycling station, so it can be used in other ways.

2. Show the bag or bags to the staff at the checkout and put in the collection container.

3. You will receive a value check of SEK 50 per bag handed in. The value check can be used when you shop for more than SEK 300. It is valid for three months and can not be combined with other offers. We hope you find new favorite garments with us that have been with you for a long time.



We want it to be easy to make more sustainable choices, and are happy to take care of your old garments together with Myrorna. When your clothes are sorted by Myrorna based on their potential, they are resold in one of all their stores. The ambition is always to sell them in the local market, because it does the most good for the environment. When you give your clothes a second chance, we reduce both climate impact, water consumption and resource use. Therefore, we are happy for all garments that we can give new life.


We at Kappahl are active in several research projects to promote the development of new circular methods, for example to recycle old textiles on a larger scale. Our goal for the future is for recycled textile fibers to be able to become new Kappahl garments. Thanks for your help!