High marks from our employees

8 out of 10 is the rating our employees gave for their job satisfaction. Most are also happy to recommend KappAhl as a workplace to friends and acquaintances. That’s according to our employee survey, which yet again shows consistently high results.

KappAhl Worker

In the latest survey, our employees gave KappAhl 8 out of 10 when asked how happy they are with their jobs. This is a great result, and KappAhl has earned consistently high scores from employees for some years now.

Strong leadership

On leadership, KappAhl scored 5.9 (out of 7). Employees feel that their managers get them involved and make the most of their engagement (5.9 out of 7). They feel that communication between them and their managers is effective (6 out of 7), that their managers delegate responsibility and tasks to them (6 out of 7) and that their work input is important to KappAhl (6.1 out of 7).

The survey also shows that employees believe in KappAhl’s sustainability work (6.1 out of 7).

No coincidence that employees are happy

We believe that our employees enjoy working at KappAhl for several reasons. We make a concerted effort to create a positive working culture and an environment that promotes creativity and team spirit.

KappAhl spirit runs through everything we do, one characterised by solidarity, energy and a strong focus on our customers. In addition, we give our employees the chance to grow and develop both personally and professionally – 7 out of 10 managers and specialist roles are recruited internally.

Our employees tell all

Would you like to take a look inside our employees’ working day? KappAhl employees tell us about their jobs here.

You can also check out our hashtag on social media, #lifeatkappahl, where employees share moments from their working day.

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

We want to give you affordable fashion with quality – produced with respect and care for people and the environment. We have come a long way, but we also know that there’s lots left to do. More about sustainability

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