Newbie launches wallpaper and bedclothes

Newbie launches wallpaper and bedclothes

Newbie, KappAhl’s lifestyle concept of sustainable fabrics for babies and children, is launching new lines. A mini series of wallpapers featuring Newbie’s hand-drawn patterns has been designed and developed in collaboration with Boråstapeter, the prestigious Swedish wallpaper house. It is simultaneously releasing a limited edition of bedclothes in matching patterns.  

Children’s rooms are magical places, filled with fun and games, rest and imagination. Rooms can now be framed with timeless designs from Newbie, which has produced a mini series of wallpapers in collaboration with Boråstapeter, the prestigious Swedish wallpaper house. Walls can be matched with a limited collection of 100% sustainable Newbie bed sets, pyjamas and accessories for which only organic cotton is used. 

Newbie and Boråstapeter are from the west coast of Sweden with the largest customer base in Scandinavia. They make a perfect match, with the companies also sharing the core values of sustainability, timelessness and quality.

“We love the idea of creating a Newbie world for our customers, with a focus on sleeping and the bedroom. Everything from bedclothes and pillows, to pyjamas and soothers in the limited Bedtime Stories collection. The room can then be framed with a beautiful wallpaper whose pattern originates from Newbie’s nostalgic core. An absolute delight to behold and restful to the eye,” says KappAhl’s Design & Purchasing Manager Kids, Desiré Westerberg.

The patterns for the series of four wallpapers have been hand-drawn by the Newbie design team. The wallpaper is produced in Borås, the home of textiles in Sweden, in Boråstapeter’s own factory where the focus is firmly on sustainability. The products are manufactured without the use of any hazardous substances and with the least possible impact on the environment. All the dyes used are water-based and the material comes from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe.

Newbie Wallpaper and Bedtime Stories will be available in limited editions in Newbie Stores and at and from 5 February 2019.

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Newbie’s story began in 2010 when designers at the Swedish fashion chain KappAhl created a collection of baby clothes. The key words for the collection are timeless, sustainable and affordable and the clothes are designed to be handed down from one generation to the next. Newbie came into being at just the right time and quickly went viral. There and then, many “Newbie Lovers” took the brand to their hearts. Their engagement has influenced both the design and the range, creating a big second-hand market for the collection that fits Newbie’s sustainable focus perfectly. The first Newbie Store opened in Stockholm in 2014. Newbie Store has 22 shops and online sales in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UK.  The Newbie brand forms part of the Swedish fashion group KappAhl. More information is available at

About the clothes: Newbie puts an emphasis on sustainability, quality and design, and most of its clothes are made of organic cotton. Any non-cotton materials come from sustainable or recycled sources. For Newbie’s designers, sustainability isn’t only about the materials used, but the garments’ life cycle: their design approach, involving patterns and colours inspired by nature, has been developed to create garments that won’t age and that can be passed down and loved by generation after generation.

About the stores: All Newbie Stores are designed to create a shopping experience that reflects Newbie’s values, including the use of sustainable materials and natural materials in store interiors. The stores are all cashless and feature textile collection containers for recycling, as well as collection points for online orders.

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