KappAhl proudly presents the winners of XLNT model contracts!

<p>KappAhl proudly presents the winners of XLNT model contracts!</p>

As KappAhl's leading collection for larger sizes, XLNT, celebrates its 15th birthday, the fashion chain organized a modeling competition for women size 44 and up. Today the fashion chain proudly presents the winners that will be modeling for XLNT during the coming year.
      - The response of the model search has exceeded our expectations, and recently we shot the first photos - both the winners and the photos are amazing! says Monika Kostovska, studio manager and fashion press officer at KappAhl.

To note XLNT:s 15th birthday, KappAhl launched XLNT Model Search in collaboration with leading fashion magazines in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.
     - We are very proud of our XLNT-collection! With the contest we want to pay tribute to the woman in the middle of life, who enjoys her body and her curves. We make XLNT for them, says Carina Ladow, Vice President Assortment and Design.

The contest participation was far above expectations, the XLNT Model Search site attracted over half a million visitors and over 300,000 voted for the several thousand women who signed up for the competition. One woman in each of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland were voted winners from a combination of people’s choice votes and a jury.

A first photo session was recently conducted with the four winners - Terese Engqvist (Sweden), Hanna Enger (Norway), Blanka Tiainen (Finland) and Anna Jonik (Poland) - who will be modelling for KappAhl XLNT styles throughout the coming year.

- A part of KappAhl:s assortment has always been and will continue to be dedicated to larger sizes, says Carina Ladow.

More about the winners:
Sweden: Terese Engqvist. Size: 44/46. Working as a high school and secondary school teacher, teaching Swedish.

Norway: Hannah Enger. Size: 44. Studying and working as a shop assistant.

Finland: Blanka Tiainen. Size: 44/46. Midwife, but now on maternity leave.

Poland: Anna Jonik. Size: 44/46. Student.

More about XLNT:
Even when KappAhl was founded, almost 60 years ago, larger sizes had its place in the assortment. The founder, Per-Olof Ahl:s, mission was then, as it still is, that his clothes would give women of all sizes the opportunity to be well dressed at an affordable price.

Since 1997 XLNT is KappAhl:s collection for larger sizes, designed with its own dedicated area in the store, all according to customer requirements. Since the start, XLNT has increased gradually and now accounts for a significant proportion of KappAhl ladies assortment. The last five years XLNT has doubled its sales. KappAhl has a dominant market share, when it comes to larger sizes, among the major fashion chains in Sweden, about 12% (Gfk Fashion Scope 2011).

For further information and photos, please contact:
Monika Kostovska, Studio Manager/Fashion Press Officer, phone +46 704 715 556
Carina Ladow, Vice President Assortment Design, phone +46 704 715 702
Charlotte Högberg, Head Public Relations, phone +46 704 715 631, e-mail charlotte.hogberg@kappahl.com

KappAhl is a leading Nordic fashion chain with 390 stores and 4 500 co-workers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic. KappAhl designs, markets and sells value-for-money fashion and focus in particular on women 30-50 years of age. During the financial year 2011/201, KappAhl had sales of close to SEK 4.6 billion. KappAhl shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. In 1999, KappAhl was the first fashion chain to receive environmental management standard certification. Further information is available at www.kappahl.com.

Download file: 121031 XLNT Winners.pdf