KappAhl joins Clean Shipping Project

The fashion company KappAhl has joined the Clean Shipping Project. Sweden’s largest import and export companies are participating in the project. They will now be imposing strict environmental requirements on the shipping companies that take care of their transport services. “We will take environmental aspects into consideration in the procurement of our maritime transport services. By imposing requirements we will make shipping more environmentally adapted,” says Anne-Marie Heinonen, KappAhl’s environmental manager.

Companies participating in the Clean Shipping Project have requested environmental information from 77 of the world's largest shipping companies. This information has been collected in a completely new environmental index - the Clean Shipping Index - in which KappAhl and other major companies can environmentally assess entire shipping companies in their procurement process.  A total of 20 different environmentally impacting factors, including fuel, lubrication oils, bilge water, ballast water, bottom paints, refrigerants and waste, are taken into consideration.

"We at KappAhl see it as important to belong to the Clean Shipping Project. We work constantly to minimise the impact of our transport activities," says Ann-Marie Heinonen.

The Clean Shipping Project is based in western Sweden and driven by public authorities such as the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities, the Västra Götaland Region, the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland and the Business Region Göteborg. The project is also financed via the EU Structural Fund Objective 2 programme. It is a non-profit project working for cleaner shipping and more sustainable growth.

"International environmental rules for shipping have up to now been quite deficient, though some tightening up is now becoming apparent," says Jan Hallberg, chairman of the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities.

In addition to KappAhl, the participants in the Clean Shipping Project are ABB, Astra Zeneca, Ericsson, Gunnebo, H&M, New Wave Group, Perstorp, Preem, Sandvik Materials Technology, Skanska Sverige, SKF, Stora Enso Logistics, Tetra Lavall, Vattenfall, Vin&Sprit and Volvo Logistics.

For further information, please contact:
Ann-Marie Heinonen, Environmental Manager, KappAhl, tel +46 (0)31 771 55 95, mobile +46 (0)704 71 55 95
Ola Thorén, Public Relations Manager, tel +46 (0)31 771 56 31, mobile +46 (0)704 71 56 31

KappAhl is a leading fashion chain with more than 300 stores and 4,500 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. KappAhl sells value-for-money fashion with a wide appeal - to women, men and children - and focuses in particular on women aged 30-50. All clothes are from our own designers. In the twelve-month period ending 31 August 2008 KappAhl's net sales were SEK 4.6 billion and operating profit was SEK 651 million. KappAhl is a listed company. In 1999 KappAhl was the first fashion chain to be environmentally certified. Further information is available at www.kappahl.com/ir.

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