About corporate governance

KappAhl is a public Swedish limited company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. KappAhl's corporate governance is based on laws, listing agreements, guidelines and good business practices.

Det här är KappAhl

The general meeting is KappAhls's highest decision-making body. At the general meeting the shareholders get the opportunity to exercise their influence by voting on significant issues. The general meeting elects the company's board of directors and auditor, approves the company's balance sheets and income statements and decides on the distribution of profit.

The nomination committee is the shareholders' and the general meeting's body for preparing the meeting's decisions in, for example, election issues. One of the committee's responsibilities is to propose candidates for the board of directors at the annual general meeting.

The board of directors is responsible for the company’s administration of its affairs and organisation. The board of directors and the chairman of the board are elected by the annual general meeting. The board has decided to set up three committees which, according to written rules of procedure stipulated by the board, prepare issues in their respective areas for decisions by the board of directors.

The remuneration committee prepares questions about the remuneration and other terms and conditions of employment for senior executives and about bonus outcome for management and any share-based bonus programmes. The audit committee monitors the financial reporting and the effectiveness of KappAhl's internal controls with regard to financial reporting. The offer committe has the main duty of preparing questions concerning KappAhl’s offer to the market.

The board of directors appoints the president and CEO, who is responsible for the operating management of KappAhl in accordance with the board's instructions. The CEO has the help of the group management team.

KappAhl's external auditor is elected by the annual general meeting.

Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

KappAhl's corporate governance follows The Swedish code of corporate governance which is based on the principle of “comply or explain”, which means that companies applying the code may deviate from individual rules provided they give an explanation of the deviation. (More about Swedish code of corporate governance.)

Among other things, the code means that the company’s annual report must be supplemented with a separate report on corporate governance matters in which the company must state whether and how the code was applied during the past financial year. Here you can find KappAhl's corporate governance reports.

AGM 2019

KappAhl's Annual General Meeting 2019 will be held on Friday, 6 December 2019 at KappAhl's Head Office in Mölndal, Idrottsvägen 14.

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