Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting on 6 December 2018 resolved that the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2019 shall consist of four ordinary members appointed by the four largest shareholders as of April 30 2019.

The following persons are members of the Nomination Committee for the 2019 Annual General Meeting: Rune Andersson (appointed by Mellby Gård AB), Marianne Nilsson (appointed by Swedbank Robur Fonder AB) and Rikard Andersson (appointed by SEB Fonder). Anders Bülow, Chairman of the Board, is co-opted to the Nomination Committee.

The term largest shareholders refers to shareholders registered with Euroclear Sweden AB and grouped by ownership as of April 30. If any of the four largest shareholders refrains from appointing a representative, the question will go to the next owner in order of size.

The members of the Committee shall be announced no later than six months before the Annual General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee is the shareholders' and the General Meeting's body for preparing the Meeting's decisions in, for example, election issues. One of the committee's responsibilities is to propose candidates for the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee's work is conducted in accordance with the rules of procedure decided by the Annual General Meeting.


Shareholders who wish to submit names of potential members of the Board of Directors of KappAhl AB, or any other matters to be dealt with by the Nomination Committee, may contact the chairman:

KappAhl AB (publ)
Att: Chairman of the Nomination Committee
Box 303
SE-431 24 Mölndal

Or by email:

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Charlotte Högberg, Head Corporate Communications
Phone: +46 (0)31 771 56 31

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