Women in focus

We run a school in one of the world's poorest countries, Bangladesh, to strengthen the position of women.

Women in Bangladesh

A large majority of us who work at KappAhl are women, and we can be found at all levels in the company. Amongst our clients we focus especially on the woman in the prime of life and we we work to strengthen women's position and rights in several ways. We demand equal terms at our suppliers, and we support projects that are trying to improve working conditions in our production countries, where many women work in the textile industry.

Women have a special place in our hearts at KappAhl.

We train vulnerable women in Bangladesh

KappAhl's school for women in Dhaka

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Women in particular often live a vulnerable life - they have few rights and many cannot read, write or count. Many are also malnourished and exposed to violence.

One way out of poverty is a job. Therefore, we run a training centre on the outskirts of Dhaka. We accept women who lack education. They are taught to sew, they are paid during their months with us, and they are guaranteed a job afterwards.

To help them change their lives, they also receive support and guidance on diet and health, they get medical treatment and they learn the basics of counting, writing and reading. We visit them at home and talk to their families. We are also building a women's network around them to strengthen them socially and in the workplace.

We want to strengthen women's position in Bangladesh and offer them assistance in helping themselves.

Nearly 700 women have completed our training so far. When the women receive their own pay and can support themselves, it changes not only their lives but also those of their families and entire communities. The women share knowledge with other women in their vicinity, which can lead to higher living standards for many.

KappAhl training centre for vulnerable women in Dhaka, Bangladesh

We also support the Hunger Project, a global organisation which helps the poor to start their own businesses and take control of their lives, among other things. In India, for example, women have been trained so that they have the confidence to take a place on the village councils and thus gain more power and influence.

The Hunger Project tells how KappAhl's and other donors' support is put to use in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world

The Hunger Project is consistent with our values ​​at KappAhl. Seeing the potential in people and giving them the chance to change their lives, with their own strength. We believe that all women should have control over their own lives. And that all women should be able to be themselves.

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