During its new school year campaign in August this year, KappAhl will be re-promoting the “I’m fine as I am” theme, and inviting customers to donate to the children’s non-profit Bris’s vital efforts to support children and young people in need.

“We are very proud to be supporting Bris’s vital efforts in a fundraiser with our customers”, says Charlotte Högberg, coordinator of KappAhl’s donation to Bris. The funds raised boost Bris’s capacity to support the increasing number of children and young people who reach out to the charity for help.

The “I’m fine as I am” campaign mounted annually by KappAhl since 2012 is founded on one of KappAhl’s core values – that everyone is different, but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are. To date, the campaign has raised almost SEK 13 million for children’s rights organisations that give children access to helpline and counselling services.

This autumn’s “I’m fine as I am” campaign will be run between 7 August and 3 September in all KappAhl stores. KappAhl customers will have the option of supporting Bris, through the ‘Runda Upp’ fundraising channel, which allows shoppers to round up the cost of their purchase and donate to the children’s rights organisations, with a share of the proceeds of the sale also being donated directly to Bris.

Question to Secretary General of Bris Magnus Jägerskog: how was the donation spent?
It has enabled us to help and support children and young people by phone, live chat and email. This significant contribution has also made it possible for us to forward the stories of these children to politicians and decision-makers, calling on them to take stronger action to recognise the equal worth of all children and protect their right to good health and care. The money has also allowed us to mobilise communities to strive together to give all children a better childhood. A heartfelt thank you, KappAhl, for your support!”

For more information, please contact
Charlotte Högberg, Head of Communications, KappAhl.
Tel. +46 (0)704 71 56 31, charlotte.hogberg@kappahl.com

About “I’m fine as I am” – support for children and young people
Here at KappAhl, we believe that everyone should be free to be themselves, and the motto “I’m fine as I am” is foundational for the work that we do. Everyone is different but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are. KappAhl partners with organisations in its sales markets - Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland - that support children and young people in need. What all of these organisations have in common is that they give children the chance to talk with and receive support from an adult. Through our non-profit partnerships, we raise awareness of the vital efforts of these children’s rights organisations and promote the message that all children and young people are fine just as they are.

Our partners
• Sweden – Bris
• Norway – Kors på halsen
• Finland – The Mannerheim League
• Poland – Empowering Children Foundation

“I’m fine as I am” is part of KappAhl’s Responsible Actions: Under its Responsible Actions theme, KappAhl supports a number of organisations campaigning on issues to create a sustainable future for people and our planet. The majority of the funds raised benefit Bris – and the rights of the child in society, Keep Sweden Tidy – for a litter-free environment and the Hunger Project’s campaign to eliminate hunger worldwide.

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