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Now all KappAhl's customers can Round Up with "Fine as I am"

Now all KappAhl's customers can Round Up with "Fine as I am"

In its recurring “Fine as I am” campaign, KappAhl donates to organisations assisting children and youth in need. This Christmas will see the Round Up campaign extended to all KappAhl’s sales markets, to give all customers the option of rounding up their total spend and donating their spare change to children’s rights organisations.
      “At KappAhl, we want to contribute to better, safer lives for all children. Round Up helps us and our customers to help by simple means”, says KappAhl’s Head Corporate Communications, Charlotte Högberg.

The “Fine as I am” campaign run by KappAhl since 2012 is founded on one of KappAhl’s core values – that everyone is different, but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are. To date, the campaign has raised SEK 12.5 million for children’s rights organisations that give children access to helpline and counselling services. 

This Christmas’ “Fine as I am” campaign runs from the end of November until Christmas, with SEK 20 from the sale of each children’s dressing gown donated to the children’s rights organisations. This year, customers in KappAhl’s sales markets beyond Sweden will also have the option of rounding up their total spend and donating their spare change to the organisations through the Swedish Runda Upp foundation.

Runda Upp is an in-store fundraising channel that gives consumers the chance to donate to charity. Runda Upp is a simple, controlled and transparent way for shoppers and consumers to donate, and for charitable organisations to increase their revenue in aid of good causes.

Children’s rights organisations supported by KappAhl

For further information, please contact
Charlotte Högberg, Head Corporate Communications, tel 46 (0)70 471 56 31, email charlotte.hogberg@kappahl.com

KappAhl was founded in Gothenburg in 1953 and is a leading fashion chain in the Nordic region with 370 KappAhl and Newbie stores, including Shop Online, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Great Britain. Our business idea is to offer value-for-money fashion of our own design to the many people. Sustainability-labeled fashion accounts for 57 per cent of the range. Sales for 2017/2018 totaled SEK 4.8 billion and the company has approx. 4,000 employees in ten countries. KappAhl is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm. More information at www.kappahl.com

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