You can download the KappAhl logo here in various formats suitable for print and web. The logo may only be used after consultation with us and according to our graphics guidelines.

Our logo

KappAhl's logo

The logo's colour

Our logo must primarily be used in Pantone 5395 U (C98 M69 Y32 K45), and secondly in black or white (neg).

Changing the colour or otherwise modifying our logo is prohibited.

The logo may not be modified

Positioning of logo

In printed media, the logo must primarily be positioned centrally in the lower part of the layout. In cases of very wide format, the logo is centred below the text.

Logo positioning

The logo free zone

A free zone is important for the logo to be seen clearly. Do not place text, images or other graphic elements within the logo free zone. The minimum distance is of similar size to the capital letter F in the logo as in the example below.

The logo free zone

Files for download

KappAhl logo EPS (zip, 1.48 MB)

KappAhl logo PNG (zip, 11.0 KB)

KappAhl logo JPEG (zip, 15.3 KB)

Press contacts

Charlotte Högberg, Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: +46 704 71 56 31

Fashion Press
Madeleine Ahlström, Fashion Press Responsible
Tel: +46 704 71 55 26

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