Here you can download Kappahl’s logotype in its various formats for printing and digital use. The logotype may only be used with the permission of Kappahl.


  • There are two versions of the logotype – black on a light background, and white on a dark background. Always use the version that contrasts most strongly with the background.

  • The minimum height of the logotype for printed media is 8 mm or 20 pixels for digital media.

  • The logotype must always be surrounded by an exclusion zone. This zone is the minimum distance to other visual elements, text or images, or to the outer edge of the area where the logo is positioned. The exclusion zone must be at least 1/4 of the height of the K. This is the minimum clearance. More space is preferred where possible.

  • The logo must not be distorted, rotated, adapted or modified in any way. Its colour must not be changed and no other typeface may be used.

Download Kappahl’s logotype in eps (zip file)

Download Kappahl’s logotype in png (zip file)

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Fashion Press
Madeleine Ahlström, Fashion Press Responsible
Tel: +46 704 71 55 26

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