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Here you can download the KappAhl logo in various formats suitable for print and web. The logo may only be used after consultation with us and according to our graphics guidelines.

Our logo

KappAhl's logo

The logo's colour

KappAhl's logo is mainly available in two color combinations; Dark gray and white. The dark gray color scheme is used with advantage on light backgrounds while the white is used on darker backgrounds.

In some situations, a black color scheme may be more appropriate than a dark gray. Therefore, the logo is also available in an all-black spare color scheme.

Changing the colour or otherwise modifying our logo is prohibited.

Positioning of logo

In printed media, the logo should primarily be positioned centrally in the lower part of the layout. In cases of very wide format, the logo is centred below the text.

If the image contains several people or many different colors and previous options are not suitable, you can position the logo centered on a white plate at the bottom.

The logo free zone

A free zone is important for the logo to be seen clearly. Do not place text, images or other graphic elements within the logo free zone. The minimum distance is the same size as the capital K in the logo, as in the example below.

Files for download

KappAhl logo EPS (zip)

KappAhl logo PNG (zip)

KappAhl logo JPEG (zip)

Press contacts

Charlotte Högberg, Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: +46 704 71 56 31

Fashion Press
Madeleine Ahlström, Fashion Press Responsible
Tel: +46 704 71 55 26

Press loans
EK PR & Communications