Financial calendar

11 October, 2018. Full Year Report
June - August. Presented here >>

6 December, 2018. Annual General Meeting
KappAhl's Annual General Meeting 2018 will be held on Thursday, 6 December at KappAhl's head office in Mölndal, Idrottsvägen 14. More information >>

19 December, 2018. First Quarter Report
September - November. Presented here >>

20 March, 2019. Second Quarter Report
December - February. Presented here >>

Silent period prior to reports
KappAhl observes a so-called silent period of 30 days prior to financial reports. During this period, KappAhl does not comment on issues related to the company’s financial development.

Contact us

Charlotte Högberg, Head Corporate Communications
Phone: +46 (0)31 771 56 31

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More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

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