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Grow with us

Here at KappAhl we believe in our employees. Their passion and knowledge is key to our success. That's why we give our employees the chance to develop – both personally and professionally.

KappAhl Sales Assistant and store

Sanna started her career at KappAhl as an intern, and three years later she is now working as a designer in our childrenswear department. Hajrudin started as a warehouse assistant at our distribution office. After taking the internal KappAhl training course for future store managers, he became manager of one of our Gothenburg stores - and today he's even a mentor to new store managers.

Sanna and Hajrudin are just two examples of how a career in KappAhl can be.

Take the next step with us

We are convinced that the passion and knowledge of our members of staff is the key to our success. That's something we want to nurture. For those who are ready to take the next step, we can offer new projects or areas of work. Or give them a chance to change over to leadership.

As a rule of thumb, we recruit seven out of ten key positions internally. The fact that KappAhl is an international business means there are also opportunities to work abroad. We want to give all our amazing employees the opportunity to develop.

As a rule of thumb, we recruit seven out of ten key positions internally.

Internal training on all levels

Co-worker at KappAhl store

Development at KappAhl closely follows core business and where it's headed. But it's also close to the employee's personal needs and conditions.

We want to help our employees to get even better at what they are doing and we give them support in their development – like setting personal goals for the job and their future with us.

It's when our employees are developing, that KappAhl can grow.

We have internal training courses on all levels. In our training programme, KappAhl Academy, we've gathered courses and training for our employees, in sales and service for example. We have leadership programmes and ongoing development assistance for both new and more experienced managers. All our our new co-workers go through an introduction, and new store managers have a mentor to go to for support.

Giving our employees the opportunity to develop is part of our business culture. It's when our employees are developing, that KappAhl can grow.

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

We want to give you affordable fashion with quality – produced with respect and care for people and the environment. We have come a long way, but we also know that there’s lots left to do. More about sustainability

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