Culture and values

You’ll find we have a warm and inclusive culture where you can be yourself. We believe in doing things together and having the courage to challenge old truths.


We know what we want; to create a responsible world of fashion. We have a courageous organisation where we believe in ourselves. We take great responsibility and encourage one another to see and create opportunities, in big and small ways. 

While we have high ambitions, we also take care to be a respectful, friendly and inclusive workplace. We want you to feel engaged and motivated, not afraid to put your personal stamp on what you do and contribute to development and change.

We want everyone in our organisation to feel welcome and have opportunities to develop.


Our values

For you to be happy in your job and able to grow and develop in your career, it is important that we are right for one another. We apply our values – inclusive, courageous and joyful – every day, when making decisions, hiring new staff and coaching colleagues.

Inclusive – everyone is welcome in our company
All our employees should feel a sense of connection and belonging at work. They should be able to be themselves in the workplace. The people who work for us should be heard, seen and appreciated for the individuals they are.

Courageous – we challenge conventions and are not afraid to try something new
Our culture has been shaped by seeing, listening to and learning from one another. A culture where we trust each other. It is when we feel secure and confident that we find the courage to challenge old truths and entrenched ways, and to challenge and push ourselves to try new things.

Joyful – we have fun at work
We feel passionate about what we do and creating a responsible world of fashion. We are building a happy workplace by fostering a positive and appealing culture that makes everyone feel included, valued and able to make a contribution.


Inclusion and diversity

The people who work for the Kappahl Group are its most important asset. We are convinced that it is much more enjoyable and stimulating to work for our organisation, and that we do things better, when we have different backgrounds and perspectives.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue on prejudices and zero tolerance to discrimination. All employees are given training to improve awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, particularly when it comes to our own unconscious bias. 

We are also proud of our partnership with the organisation Mitt Liv (My Life) and encourage our employees to take part in its mentoring programme. Its purpose is to support individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education to get a foothold in the Swedish labour market.

“My colleagues help create an amazing work environment and we trust one another!”

Customer Service team leader