Kappahl’s donations to children’s rights organisations in 2021

Kappahl’s donations to children’s rights organisations in 2021

Through the “I’m fine as I am” campaign, Kappahl, jointly with its customers, donated a total of SEK 4.4 million during financial year 2021. The donations were made to local children’s rights organisations in Kappahl’s sales markets.

“I would like to extend immense thanks to all our customers and staff who made this possible. Together, we are supporting the vital efforts of these organisations for children and young people in need,” said Claes Meldgaard, Vice President Sales at Kappahl.

In Sweden, Kappahl partners with BRIS, in Norway with Kors på Halsen, in Finland with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and in Poland with the Empowering Children Foundation. What all of these organisations have in common is that they give children the chance to speak to and receive support from an adult. With the aid of its customers, Kappahl donated a total of SEK 4.4 million to these organisations in 2021.

The funds raised enable the organisations to employ more counsellors, for example, to respond to calls and chat messages from children and young people. Kappahl’s customers donate by activities such as rounding up their payment at the checkout and by purchasing items from which a proportion of the proceeds benefits the organisations directly.

About “I’m fine as I am” – support for children and young people

Here at Kappahl, we believe that everyone should be free to be themselves, and the motto “I’m fine as I am” is foundational for the work that we do. Everyone is different but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are. Kappahl partners with organisations in their sales markets – Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland – that support children and young people in need. Through our non-profit partnerships, we raise awareness of the vital efforts of these children’s rights organisations and promote the message that all children and young people are fine just as they are.

Our partner organisations:

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