Newbie creates new collection from rescued fabrics

<p>Newbie creates new collection from rescued fabrics</p>

Sustainability is important for Newbie. A long-term approach with timeless garments crafted from more sustainable fabrics, made to last and be passed on. And making use of all the materials already produced. As part of this commitment, we have launched Rescued fabrics. A brand new collection designed with left-over fabrics from previous collections. 

“We have a few metres more fabric than needed when making garments to allow for a bit of margin. This means there is usually some left over. We are now rescuing the left-over Newbie fabrics and turning them into new garments, ready to be loved again. We released a few Rescued fabrics products in 2021. Now it’s time for a major launch of Rescued fabrics garments and of our new collection Loved again,” says Anne-Charlotte Lindquist, Brand & Assortment Manager at Newbie. 

The collection will be unveiled on 15 March for sale online only at and then shortly afterwards at (UK). The pieces in our Rescued fabrics collections are available in limited quantities as they are made exclusively of left-over fabrics. Some of the styles are not available in every size and each item is unique.

“Our sustainability approach at Newbie has always clearly focused on using more sustainable materials, producing timeless designs and creating garments that can be passed on. Our Rescued fabrics venture is a natural step in being resourceful with the materials that we already have. We are helping to reduce our carbon footprint by using left-over textiles to make a collection instead of manufacturing new fabrics,” Anne-Charlotte Lindquist explains.

Inspiring consumers to make clothes last longer 

“We were inspired to produce the Loved again collection by the passion and interest in beautiful artisan handicrafts and how new life can be given to old things. It fits extremely well into Newbie’s world with its nostalgic style and our constant focus on sustainability,” says Maja Olsbo, Creative Designer at Newbie. 

“We hope this collection will encourage our customers to take a more sustainable and respectful approach to clothes and inspire them to make their clothing last longer with beautiful patchwork, mending and embroidery. Maybe that favourite old floral print dress can become part of a patchwork quilt or patches for a pair of jeans?

The idea is that Newbie will be rescuing fabrics from now on into the future. The collections will be released as and when fabrics become available.

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For more information and pack shots, please contact Anna Tichy, Social Media & Influencer Specialist, Kappahl:, +46 31 771 55 00.

Newbie’s story began in 2010, when the designers at the Swedish fashion retail chain Kappahl created a babywear collection founded on the keywords timeless, sustainable and affordable, with a mission for the garments to be handed down from one generation to the next. Newbie came into being at just the right time and soon gained a cult following. A community of "Newbie Lovers" instantly adopted the brand, and their engagement has influenced both the design and range and created a large second-hand market for the collections – all in line with Newbie's focus on sustainability. The first Newbie Store opened in Stockholm in 2014. Today there are Newbie Stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UK.  Newbie is a lifestyle brand within the Swedish fashion group Kappahl. For more information, please visit