About us

A lot has changed since our early days selling coats in a basement some 70 years ago. We now have almost 360 stores, and are a leading fashion chain in the Nordic region. But one thing has remained the same, and that is our insight and care when it comes to our customers. For us, fashion is about one thing and one thing alone: you.

At KappAhl, fashion is about you

The Kappahl team consists of some 4,000 colleagues at 400 workplaces in nine countries. Over 90 per cent of us are women, and we are to be found at every level of the company. We all have different backgrounds, ages, skills and styles. Our common motivation is to offer fashion fit for life to a wide variety of people and lifestyles.

Fashion fit for life

We offer a wide range of items for all of life’s moments – from happy, joyous occasions, to those that are more demanding – with our five brands: Kappahl (WomanMan and Kids), XLNT, kay/day, Minories and Newbie.

Fashion fit for life.

Our pledge is to design stylish and affordable fashion that is suited to different people and the different ways they live their lives. Fashion that is made to live in. We offer fashion that fits you and your life – no matter what that involves.

We exist to celebrate diversity in everyday life.

For us at Kappahl, diversity in everyday life is about so much more than the different clothes we design, how you look or where you come from. We see diversity as the right to be who you are, and to live life on your own terms. We think that a diverse fashion is a more fun and interesting fashion, in the same way that we think a diverse society is a richer, more exciting society for everyone.

We celebrate diversity in everyday life!

We listen to our customers

We listen to our customers, and regularly ask you what you think. When we create our collections, we base our work on insights about our customers and your thoughts on life in general and fashion in particular. With us, you are the ideal – just the way you are.

We want to support you in your everyday life and personal style. We know that you want fashion to feel right, and for it to be stylish, comfortable and functional. We design clothes that suit you and make you feel good.

At KappAhl

We help you to find the right style

Our calling is to inspire you, and to help you to find your personal style. We want to give you the confidence to try out new things, without getting lost in the world of fashion. We do this by giving your our very best support and guidance. So when you step inside your Kappahl store, do feel free to come speak to us. We are well-equipped to deal with every imaginable question and fashion dilemma.

We are wherever you are. Hundreds of thousands of customers shop with us every day. We have around 400 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland, and are continuing to grow. If you prefer to shop online, our Shop Online is available in all of our markets, and also in Denmark.

80 per cent fashion made with more sustainable materials

Sustainability is an obvious part of Kappahl. A responsible fashion that feels right, for the wearer and for the world we live in.

For example, 80 per cent of our products are made with more sustainable materials, and we sell millions of more sustainable clothes every year. Our goal is for 100 per cent to be made of more sustainable materials by 2025. However, we want to go even further and do even more. One goal is to halve each garment’s carbon footprint by 2026.

We love organic cotton, and strive to make all cotton cultivation more sustainable. We strive for better working conditions for everyone who works with us. And we want to run our company with as little environmental impact as possible.

A responsible fashion that feels right, for the wearer and for the world we live in.

With us you will find fashion that fits your life. However you choose to live it.

Welcome to Kappahl.

(Did you know that the name Kappahl comes from our founder Per-Olof Ahl? He was nicknamed “Kapp-Ahl” when his Gothenburg coat shop took off in the 1950s. "Kappa" is "coat" in Swedish.)

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