Work within the Kappahl Group

Together we are challenging and developing the fashion industry, our company and ourselves.


We have employment opportunities in areas ranging from design and product development to warehouse and logistics. Whatever the position, the focus is always on putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. It is our job and our goal to provide customers with the best possible experience and service, every single day. 

One of many positions within the Kappahl Group is that of a buyer.


Grow and develop with us

We are in the midst of an exciting period of growth – our goal is to become a global fashion company while driving development in our industry. We aim to be a role model when it comes to sustainability and transparency and we always endeavour to make a difference, in big and small ways, to people and the planet.

“We know that fast fashion is out of fashion, and we are investing in our journey towards a future of sustainable fashion.”

Sales and business development manager

Obviously, this sets the bar high in every aspect of our company’s operations. We need to update everything, from methods of working to systems for supporting a larger organisation and, at the same time, keep on improving the service that we provide to our customers.

To successfully achieve this, we need to harness the many different skills and personalities of our workforce and pull together as a team. If, like us, you enjoy taking on challenges and want the opportunity to grow and develop within a group, then there’s a place for you on our team – whether you’re interested in design, sales, IT, logistics, marketing, customer service or another area.