Work in our stores

Varied, fast-paced and social environment – you’ll never be bored working in our stores.


We are one of the leading fashion chains in the Nordic region and offer a varied job with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and expand your career.

Working in a clothing store will suit you if you are social, creative and interested in fashion.


Store team – focus on the customer

There is a great deal that has to be fixed, organised and fall into place in a store to ensure the customer has a positive experience – shopping for clothes is about so much more than finding the right garments. As a rule, the store team comprises a store manager, a visual merchandiser and sales staff.


Store manager

The store manager is responsible for all the operations in the store, including personnel management, rota planning, targets and budgets. All with the aim of ensuring the store is as inspiring and profitable as possible.

Other important tasks include promoting a positive health and safety culture in the workplace and creating an environment where the employees feel secure and happy in their roles and are able to grow and develop.


Retail assistant

As a retail assistant, your responsibility is to work alongside other members of the team to ensure that customers receive individual attention and excellent service. The role of a retail assistant is social and varied. One moment you are unpacking new clothes and the next you are helping a customer in the fitting room or taking payment at the checkout.


Visual merchandiser

A visual merchandiser is responsible for the look of the store and for creating an attractive and inspiring environment. This role is often combined with sales and other duties in the store.

“It is a real pleasure meeting customers and helping them discover how the right clothes can make a difference, not only to their appearance but to their self-confidence too.”

Store manager

If you are looking for a job with lots of variation and like interacting with people, then a job as a retail assistant is an ideal choice.


Join our team

We want to continue to grow as a company and we cannot do that without professional staff in our stores. You are welcome to apply for any of our vacancies and we are happy to receive a speculative application if you are interested in joining our team.