Fine as I am helps children and young people

The Fine as I am is foundational for our commitment to children’s causes. Everyone is different but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are. With the support of our customers, our Fine as I am campaigns raise funds for organisations that support children and young people in need – to date SEK 14.5 million!

Kappahl has supported children’s rights organisations for many years in the countries where we have physical stores – Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. We launched Fine as I am in 2012 to promote Sweden’s Children’s Rights in Society’s (Bris) work and emphasise the message that really should be obvious – that all children and young people are fine as they are!

Day-in, day-out, Bris take calls and receive messages from children with low self-esteem, under pressure from their peers to be cooler, smarter, shorter, taller, funnier, lighter-skinned, darker-skinned, or just ‘better’. They quite simply don't feel they are good enough as they are. We want to change that! Which is why we run several annual campaigns to raise awareness of Bris for their vital efforts, in our stores and other channels, and encourage our customers to support their activities.

To date, Kappahl and its customers have raised more than SEK 20 million in aid of Bris and its counterparts in other countries; in Norway Kors på Halsen (Norwegian Red Cross ‘Cross My Heart’ youth counselling), in Finland The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and in Poland Empowering Children Foundation.



How has the Fine as I am donation been spent, Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary-General of Bris?

“It has enabled us to help and support children and young people by phone, live chat and email. This significant contribution has also made it possible for us to forward the stories of these children to politicians and decision-makers, calling on them to take stronger action to recognise the equal worth of all children and protect their right to health and welfare. The money has also allowed us to mobilise communities to strive together to give all children a better childhood. A heartfelt thank you, Kappahl, for your support!”