Our collaborations within Kappahl Responsible Actions

 Kappahl’s social sponsoring activities are gathered under the term Responsible Actions. We support long-term progress on diversity issues and sustainable development, both locally and globally. Some activities are performed locally in our own supply chain. Together we are stronger!

Kappahl has supported children’s rights organisations for many years in the countries where we have physical stores – Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. We launched Fine as I am in 2012 to promote Sweden’s Children’s Rights in Society’s (Bris) work and emphasise the message that really should be obvious – that all children and young people are fine as they are!

Day-in, day-out, Bris take calls and receive messages from children with low self-esteem, under pressure from their peers to be cooler, smarter, shorter, taller, funnier, lighter-skinned, darker-skinned, or just ‘better’. They quite simply don't feel they are good enough as they are. We want to change that! Which is why we run several annual campaigns to raise awareness of Bris for their vital efforts, in our stores and other channels, and encourage our customers to support their activities.

To date, Kappahl and its customers have raised more than SEK 29 million in aid of Bris and its counterparts in other countries; in Norway Kors på Halsen (Norwegian Red Cross ‘Cross My Heart’ youth counselling), in Finland The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and in Poland Empowering Children Foundation.



Children’s Rights in Society (Sweden) is a politically independent, non-denominational children’s rights organisation that listens to, supports and improves children’s and young people’s rights in society. The organisation offers children and adolescents safe, anonymous and free counselling by email, chat or phone. The callers are minors who have suffered physical or mental abuse or who for any other reason need the support and advice of a knowledgeable and caring adult. Bris is the Swedish children’s rights organisation Kappahl supports via its Fine as I am campaign.
Read more about Bris here.

Kors på Halsen (Norway) is the Norwegian children’s rights organisation run by the Norwegian Red Cross. The organisation offers free, anonymous counselling to children and young people from 200 voluntary, highly-trained adults, covering concerns and problems on every scale. The organisation listens, supports and inspires hope in supplement to public-sector support. Kors på Halsen is the Norwegian children’s rights organisation Kappahl supports through its Fine as I am campaign.
Read more about Kors på Halsen here.

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (Finland) campaigns for the welfare of children and families, to increase respect for the rights of the child and to lobby for the perspective of the child in public policy-making. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare is the Finnish children’s rights organisation Kappahl supports through its Fine as I am campaign.
Read more about Mannerheimförbundet here.

Empowering Children Foundation (Polen) was established in 1991. The Foundation campaigns for children and the rights of the child, and its services include national helplines for children and young people. The Empowering Children Foundation is the Polish children’s rights organisation Kappahl supports through its Fine as I am campaign.
Read more about Empowering Children Foundation here.

The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation campaigns to reduce littering, increase recycling and promote personal and organisational environmental responsibility by educating children and young people in environmental awareness. The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation is the Swedish environmental organisation Kappahl supports through its One Bag Habit initiative.
Read more about Håll Sverige Rent here.

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund is an alliance of Norwegian retailers working to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags and general littering. Handelens Miljøfond is the Norwegian environmental organisation Kappahl supports through its One Bag Habit initiative.
Read more about Handelens Miljøfond here.

The Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association campaigns to keep the Finnish coastlines, lakes, beaches and archipelago clean, and seeks solutions to make recreational boating and port and marina operations more eco-friendly. The Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is the Finnish environmental organisation Kappahl supports through its One Bag Habit initiative.
Read more about Håll Skärgården Ren here.

Our Earth Foundation focuses primarily on eco-education, and runs projects to raise awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. Nasza Ziemia is the Polish environmental organisation Kappahl supports through its One Bag Habit initiative.
Read more about Nasza Ziemia here.

The Hunger Project is an NGO campaigning to eliminate hunger and poverty. With women in focus, they offer education and empower people to take control of social development and eliminate famine. The aim is to help people to become self-sufficient to the stage where The Hunger Project is no longer needed.
Read more about The Hunger Project here.

TCM Bangladesh campaigns for the rights of children and women in Bangladesh. The day-to-day activities at Kappahl’s sewing training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh are run by this NGO. At the training center, the underprivileged women are offered technical training on industrial sewing machine operation and they are also educated on their rights and responsibilities as basic life skills i.e. health and hygiene, financial literacy, decision making, life planning, etc. This training enables them to work in the export-oriented readymade garments industry and thereby provide for themselves and their family. Kappahl also supports the pre-primary and primary education centers for marginalized children run by TCM Bangladesh. 

Read more about TCM Bangladesh here.

Göteborgs Stadsmission - Gothenburg City Mission helps people in distress in the Gothenburg district of Sweden. Through voluntary work, this NGO carries out a diverse range of activities for the benefit of socially disadvantaged people.

Read more about Göteborgs Stadsmission here.

Majblomman is a Swedish charity that for more than a century has partnered with organisations serving the interests of children through lobbying activities calling for policy-makers to interpret the law from the perspective of the child. Children who sell the annual “Mayflower” charity pin get to keep the proceeds as a token of their empowerment.
Read more about Majblomman here.

ERIKS carries out initiatives for education, health and safety to give children and adolescents around the world a brighter future. The organisation has many offshoots, including charity shops, projects and material aid in developing countries.
Read more about Erikshjälpen here.

Faktum was founded in 2001 and is a newspaper sold by homeless people. The vendors sell the paper to earn money, but also as a way of taking responsibility, planning their day, and achieving a routine and social interaction. Faktum also hosts an annual stage show and football championships for homeless people in Gothenburg.
Read more about Tidningen Faktum here.