April 9, 2024
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Leftover fabrics become a new Newbie collection

With sustainability at the very heart of the brand's inception, the creation of collections from remnant fabrics from production is a natural part of Newbie's customer offering. Now it's time again, during April the next collection will be released called "Rescued fabrics. To be loved again".

"One of Newbie's starting points is to always think long-term and timeless and create garments in certified materials that can be inherited, we want to inspire and encourage for the clothes to be used for a long time. But also to make use of all the material. That's why we started creating collections of remnant fabrics, collections that we call 'Rescued fabrics'," says Anne-Charlotte Lindquist, Assortment Manager at Newbie.

Already in 2021, Newbie released a small number of products made from waste materials, then another collection in 2022 and now it's time again. Newbie's goal is to continue using left-over fabrics in the future, but how often the collections are released depends on the availability of fabrics. The collections are unique and limited as they are made from fabrics that have been left over from previous collections, sometimes several years back.

"When we produce garments, we always have a little margin for the fabric to make sure there is enough for our needs. Often this means that there are a few meters left over. Such remnants of Newbie fabrics are rescued to create new garments, instead of producing new materials. This helps to conserve the resources we have and thereby reduce our climate footprint. It can also mean that a favourite pattern or fabric reappears in the range, something we believe our customers appreciate," continues Anne-Charlotte Lindquist.

The collection will be released in April and is only sold online at kappahl.com and on newbiestore.com. Since the Rescued fabrics collections only consist of leftover fabrics, the volumes are limited. Not all garments are available in all sizes and each garment will be unique.

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