October 19, 2022
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Kappahl’s XLNT is celebrating 25 years

Kappahl’s XLNT brand has been creating fashion with pride, love and expertise for 25 years. An anniversary collection is being launched in celebration.

"Most important for us is that our customers are satisfied. We never offer anything that we don’t believe in. What we bring to our customers is more than just clothes to wear. They should have fashionable styles with a perfect fit that are a joy to wear. After 25 years, we know our customer well and we love her,” says Nina Lindholm, Brand & Assortment Manager for XLNT.

A beautifully tailored anniversary collection is being launched to celebrate XLNT’s 25 years.

“Life is too short for uncomfortable and boring clothes. We want to wear attractive pieces with a comfortable fit. Our customers should not apologise for being who they are. This is a collection of lovely styles crafted from fantastic fabrics and cut for a perfect fit. A true party collection!

XLNT celebrates size and femininity

All the garments and designs are drawn by hand with expertise, pride and love by the design team in Gothenburg. All executed with the utmost precision. Just because the sizes are bigger doesn’t mean the garment can simply be cut larger. When it comes to ensuring a good fit, every detail matters - the choice of fabric, position of buttons, sleeve length, shoulder placement and drape.

“We spend a lot of time and effort on each garment. Everything from looking at trends and customer needs, selecting quality fabrics and taking sustainability into account, to being cost-conscious so that as many women as possible can afford stylish, well-fitting clothes.

The live shopping streams that take place several times a year have become an important channel for guiding and inspiring our customers. They are popular events and offer a forum for tapping into customer needs and wishes. One result of this is that XLNT now offers its trousers in a choice of three lengths.

“There is huge demand for plus size apparel and this is clearly reflected in our sales figures. It feels extremely meaningful to be able to offer fashion in sizes 44-58 and beautiful, well-fitting underwear in no less than 19 sizes. We create clothes that our customers can wear and feel elegant and attractive in,” says Nina Lindholm.

XLNT is plus size fashion designed with expertise, pride and love. All the garments and designs are drawn by the design team in Mölndal. Mindful design with a perfect fit. Clothes to wear over and over again and for mixing and matching in many ways. XLNT loves to inspire and guide women to create a wardrobe of clothing that makes dressing easy and fun every day.

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