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Here at Kappahl our employees are of all ages, come from all backgrounds, have different skills and personal style. But we all share the same driving force: To give many people the opportunity to be well dressed. We are inspired by our customers each and every day. Our job is to give them inspiration back. 

KappAhl Co-Workers and store

Working at Kappahl is social and exciting - we are one of Scandinavia's leading fashion retailers with almost 400 stores and roughly 4,000 employees and there's always something going on here. We work with everything from design and sales to marketing and distribution, and together we sell hundreds and thousands of items each day.

There is a particular Kappahl spirit in our walls. It's been growing for a long time and it shines through in everything that we do. The Kappahl spirit is about community and creativity. About courage and positive energy. And we don't make a fuss. Because we all share the same goal: That even more people will come to us and find their personal style.

Our corporate values are Inclusive, Courageous & Joyful.

Kappahl – A place to belong

To nurture the relationship with our many current employees and all our potential future employees, Kappahl give a promise to the employees. The promise sums up what is unique about Kappahl as a workplace:

We promise you: The right to be yourself. Kappahl – A place to belong.

Kappahl should provide inspiring workplace experiences and tasks that promote the success of Kappahl and should offer you opportunities to develop within Kappahl, on your terms. You contribute with your professional expertise and commitment to the ongoing success of your team and Kappahl.

Kappahl grows with its employees

At Kappahl we believe in our employees. When our employees get to grow and develop – both professionally and personally – the company grows too.

That's why we give our employees the opportunity to grow with us. Seven out of ten key positions are recruited internally and we invest in training courses and personal development – whether it's becoming a manager, being a great sales assistant or the opportunity to work in another country.

It's important to us that we provide a working environment where our staff are happy and see further opportunities. That's why we are so happy to see that many choose to stay with us a long time, and that they give Kappahl top ratings.

At Kappahl we work with many different things at different locations, but we all share the same driving force: To give a lot of people the opportunity to be well dressed.

We are always looking for new creative staff who share our values and who want to develop and grow with us.

As an employee of Kappahl, you get:

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