The Kappahl Group is one of Scandinavia's leading fashion retailers with roughly 360 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UK. Hundreds and thousands of customers visit us every day, in our stores and online. The head office is in Mölndal, Sweden and we have offices in our sales countries and all our major production countries.

Roughly 360 stores in four countries

The Kappahl Group has roughly 360 Kappahl and Newbie stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UK all under our own brand. Sweden is the largest single market. Hundreds of thousands choose to visit our stores every day. (Find a store)

Online sales are growing

Kappahl has online stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. Newbie has online stores in 16 European markets. Our online sales are an important addition to the physical stores and enable us to offer our customers affordable fashion around the clock. Hundreds and thousands of customers visit Kappahl online every day.

Head office and regional offices

The Group head office is located in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. This is also the distribution centre that handles over 50 million garments every year and supplies fashion to all our stores.

We have local offices in our sales countries with staff that take care of this, as well as close daily cooperation with our stores. Kappahl's regional offices are located in Fredrikstad, Norway, in Vantaa, Finland and in Warsaw, Poland.

Own offices in production countries

The Kappahl Group does not own any factories,but is one of many customers of independent manufacturers. We have our own offices in all our main production countries - Bangladesh, India and China. A total of about 140 Kappahl employees work on site.

The fact that we are local means that we can work closely with our suppliers, we can visit them often and maintain a good dialogue. (More on what we require from and cooperate on with our suppliers.)

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