Supporting children’s rights

Bris is a Swedish organisation that works to promote the rights of children in society. Together with our customers, the Kappahl Group is one of its largest partners. Together, we are making a vital difference for many children. 


We have been supporting Bris for more than 15 years. Thanks to this long-standing partnership, thousands of children and young people have been able to talk with the organisation’s counsellors. Our customers have donated a total of SEK 23 million since the start. In 2023 alone, we donated SEK 4.3 million – a record amount! 

Our customers donate by rounding up their payment at checkout and by purchasing items, like pyjamas, lint rollers and marker pens, of which part of the sale price is donated to Bris.


Our support helps Bris to help others

Bris is the nationwide helpline for children and young people in Sweden. Many of the children who call the Bris helpline have never told anyone before about the difficulties that they are experiencing. Some call to talk about a tough day and need help sorting through their thoughts. Others have experienced unimaginably difficult situations. With the help of the Kappahl Group and donations from our customers, the counsellors at Bris can be on hand round the clock, 365 days a year, for these children when they need to talk about whatever is troubling them.

SEK 4.3 million to Bris in 2023 – together with our customers, we are making a difference!

Support in Norway, Finland and Poland too

The Kappahl Group has been supporting children’s rights organisations in our largest sales countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland, for many years. Bris (Children’s Rights in Society) in Sweden, Kors på Halsen (Cross My Heart) in Norway, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Finland, and the Empowering Children Foundation in Poland. All these organisations provide various kinds of support and help to children and young people who are facing difficulties. Since the start of this initiative, Kappahl and our customers have donated SEK 33 million to these four organisations. Together we are making a difference!

“Recent years have seen one crisis after the other – the pandemic, a war not far from our doorstep and a financial crisis. More and more children are turning to Bris for support in these troubled times.”

Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris