More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

We want to give you value-for-money fashion with quality — produced with respect and care for people and the environment. We've come a long way, but we also know that there’s lots left to do.

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Cleaner production, cleaner water

KappAhl is one of the founders of the successful Swedish project for cleaner textile production in India, SWAR. The project was awarded the Habit sustainability award 2015.

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Our presence leads to better conditions

We work closely with our suppliers to achieve continuous improvements for employees.

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Textile collecting

Wear, love and give back! Hand in your old textiles in our stores, and together we can reduce waste and save the Earth's resources.

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"I'm fine as I am" for Bris

KappAhl supports Bris in the theme "I'm fine as I am", which is all about what should be obvious — that all children and young people are good enough as they are.

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We love sustainably cultivated cotton

Cotton is popular and very much in demand, but its production uses great natural resources. That is why we are working towards making cotton cultivation more sustainable.

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We want to empower women

Women have a special place in KappAhl's heart. We run a school in one of the world's poorest countries, Bangladesh, to strengthen the position of women.

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Our work with chemicals

KappAhl's chemical requirements are among the strictest in the industry and often go beyond legal requirements.

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Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions about our sustainability work.