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To delete your photo, click on the submission icon (the red circle with an exclamation mark (!) in the right-hand corner of the image when you click on the image. You will then need to answer a few short questions and asked to state you email address. The email address will be used only to communicate with you about the picture. Once we receive your request and made the confirmation the picture will be deleted from the gallery.

KappAhl uses Olapic to facilitate the direct upload of users photos (”User Content”) to KappAhls website as well as the collection of User Content from social media sites on behalf of KappAhl.

Photo Sharing terms and conditions

By responding #YesKappAhl you agree to the following:

1. You grant KappAhl Sverige AB, below “KappAhl”, its third-party service providers who provide content management services including Olapic, and its retail partners(the ”Licensed Parties”) the worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-exklusive, transferable right to use your Instagram/Twitter handle and your Instagram/Twitter photograph(s) that you have tagged with the hashtag #KappAhl, and in relation to which you have responded #yesKappAhl (below the “Photo/s”) on KappAhl.com and/or on any of KappAhl’s platforms (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), for KappAhl’s marketing and/or in KappAhl’s advertising, newsletters, catalogs, email and other customer communication, store materials;

2. If you have shared a Photo, you own it. However, once you tag your photo with one of the hashtags mentioned above and shared it, you are agreeing to the Content Upload Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and granting KappAhl’s permission to use the Photo and your name, social media handle and any accompanying caption on our website, emails, in advertising or in any other marketing material. For more specifics please review the Content Upload Terms of Use  and the Privacy Policy

3. KappAhl and the Licensed Parties may use, display, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your User Content in any manner in their sole discretion, with no obligation to you whatsoever. You grant the Licensed Parties the right to use your username, real name, image, likeness, caption, location or other identifying information in connection with any use of your User Content.

4. You hereby represent and warrant that (a) you own all rights in and to your Photos, (b) you have permission from any person(s) appearing in your Photos to grant the rights herein, (c) you are 18 years or older, and (d) KappAhls use of your Instagram handle and/or Photos will not violate the Content Upload Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, the rights of any third party or any applicable law;

5. You hereby release and discharge KappAhl from all and any obligation to pay you for any use of your Photos and any of the intellectual property rights that may be contained therein in connection with the uses described above;

6. You hereby release, discharge and agree to hold KappAhl and any person acting on KappAhls behalf harmless from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with use of the Photos as described above; and

7. You hereby agree to and acknowledge that KappAhl has the right to - not the obligation - at our sole discretion to refuse to post any User Content. KappAhl also reserve the right to change, edit, modify, transmit, display or delete any User Content and you hereby waive any rights you may have in having the material altered or changed in a manner not agreeable to you.

8. Upon request, KappAhl and their Licensed parties will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal information and, if that is the case, what personal information they hold. If you wish to exercise your rights to be forgotten please contact privacy@olapic.com.

9. You hereby agree to transfer of Personal Data from the EEA to a Third Country, depending on third parties and if they operate from out of the EU or under the EU, Standard Contractual Clasuses(SCC) will be used or the EU-US Privacy Shield will be implemented.

10. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing or any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, KappAhl has the right to remove any user content that violates the Content Upload Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy or is otherwise objectionable and, solely as to the posting of content, we reserve the right to terminate access to submit user generated content to KappAhl’s Web Properties without prior notice for any user who violates the Content Upload Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy or infringes the rights of others. Please note that any such termination will not affect your ability to make purchases, returns, or otherwise interact with the services KappAhl.com provides.