Children's rights

We want children to be children. We do not accept child labour and we are working to ensure that children get the right conditions, both in the countries where we buy production and here at home.

Children in Indian village

Child labour is unacceptable

KappAhl does not accept child labour. In our Code of Conduct we define child labour in accordance with ILO Convention number 138. We encourage all our suppliers to establish policies and implement clear procedures so that no child of school age is employed, either by them or by their subcontractors.

We have a clear procedure for how we act if child labour is found at any of our suppliers. The aim is to find the best possible solution for the child, with completed schooling as the goal.

Another way to give the children in our production countries a better future, is by helping their parents. We do this in several ways. We see that the parents' working conditions have a big effect on their children. Our strategy is to work on measures that provide job opportunities, better employment conditions and safer workplaces in the countries where we buy production. And through this, strive to improve children's conditions.

One example is our school in Dhaka where poor, uneducated women are offered the opportunity for training in the textile industry with a job as a result. Other examples are the projects we are involved in to reduce the use of water, chemicals and energy by our suppliers, projects that also improve the local environment for the people in the community around the factories.

A third example is the projects we are involved in, in which cotton farmers learn to cultivate more efficiently. The consequence is that the children are healthier and do not have to work as much in the family farms.

All these measures contribute to more children receiving the opportunity to go to school and create a better future.

All children have the right to a safe and secure childhood.

Everyone is different but equally valuable

Ingela Arrhenius kids collection

We cooperate with children's rights organisations in the countries in which our stores are located — Bris in Sweden, Kors på Halsen in Norway, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Finland and Empowering Children Foundation, FDDS, in Poland.

Every day, for example, Bris receives calls and emails from children who have a hard time liking themselves and who feel pressure from their surroundings to be a certain way. We want to change that.

Several times each year we highlight the organisation's important work in our stores and in our other channels, and encourage our customers to support their activities. The theme is "I'm good enough" and is all about what should be obvious - that everyone is equal and good enough as they are.

That all children are of equal worth is something we think is obvious.

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