KappAhl is aimed primarily at men and women between 30 and 50 years of age. In addition, we have clothes for children: from baby to "tweens", girls and boys between eight and fourteen. For all our target groups, there is underwear and beachwear as well as up-to-date accessories available. All designed by our own designers.

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KappAhl's customers are interested in fashion, and they want to be attractive rather than bold if possible for a god price. Tricot tops, jeans and trousers as well as blouses and accessories:  these are the top five items for women who shop at KappAhl. KappAhl Woman is the largest in Sweden for its target group and answers for 58 per cent of the entire Group's turnover. Here you can find everything, from basic wear to the season's fashions and special collections – every week our stores are refilled with new products. Included in the permanent lines are:

KappAhl – the predominant share of women's wear, well dressed or casual
Number One – a collection in classic modern style with preppy feel.
XLNT – attractively cut and designed garments for the curvy woman.
Creem – lingerie collection suitable for many feminine forms and needs.
bodyzone – lingerie, nightwear, socks, tights and beachwear.
soft. - soft and comfortable garments allowing women to be well dressed for both comfort and leisure.

Moreover, every season we offer a number of special collections, such as the recurrent favourite Vintage Stories. Keep watch – we have new items in store every week!

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KappAhl is number two for men's clothing in Sweden, and we offer a varied assortment for party wear as well as smart and casual leisure wear. The collection includes a coordinated range from underwear to outdoor clothing and accessories. KappAhl Man answers for roughly 14 per cent of the turnover. Apart from a number of new items, we have four permanent lines:

Hampton Republic 27 – this collection combines classic, masculine American fashion with a longing for the best in life.
Redwood – a casual concept focusing on denim for the fashion conscious at work and play.
Madison Avenue – semi-formal and smart style that follows the swings of fashion in colour and pattern.
BodyZone – underwear, socks, nightwear and beachwear.

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KappAhl Children has a broad target group, stretching from baby up to tweens, children approaching their teenage years. Children answer for 28 per cent of the turnover. Apart from a number of new items within clothes and accessories, we have four permanent lines:
Lab Industries – a trendy jeans collection for boys and girls aged 7–14 years.
Kaxs – playful and colourful everyday clothing of high quality for girls and boys 50–128 cl.
BodyZone – underwear, socks, nightwear and dressing gowns.

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