Top marks from our employees again this year

KappAhl is a popular workplace where many stay for long. We care about our employees and each individual's wellbeing and development. We put much effort into training and many of our employees in management and key positions are filled through internal recruitment.
2012, we received top marks by employees in the annual employee survey, just as in 2011. The whole 97% of our employees say that they can recommend KappAhl as an employer!

Work at KappAhl


Since 1993 KappAhl are working with environmental and eco-labeled clothing. Today, 20 percent of the garments designed for KappAhl are eco-labeled - most of them are children's garments.


Commitment to a lasting change

At a training center for textile workers on the outskirts
of Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, every year around
one hundred vulnerable women get training that can
lead to a life outside the slums. Here, KappAhl, together
with a local help organisation, offers training that allows
the women to sew, take care of their health and provides them with knowledge about their rights in a strongly male dominated society. 

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